tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

All The Alexander McQueen Gals - At The Met Gala 2011

Salma looks beyond amazing on this occasion - i dont have much to say it is a really pretty look and she has styled this looks beautifully and i like that alot! i am happy to see her wearing McQ!

Sarah - is owning this beautiful gown - she looks amazing with the hair up and showing off the dress ! the makeup and the overall styling is on point like always! 

Bar was one of the few who blew me away - she looks amazing and the matching blue earrings and the clutch is just to die for - this over all look is to die for and she will without a doubt be on my best dressed poll!

Giesele looks divine in her hot red gown! her makeup and hair is simple and i like that - she is wearing the dress and doesnt add to much to the look so it will over shine the beautiful dress!

Naomi has gotten alot of criticism and i dont agree i love this McQ dress on her and she looks beautiful - it is a special look and i dont care that alot of people disagree with me but she looks good hands down!
Chloe - looks good it is a typical chloe look - so i wont hate on that i really like this dress on her and the hair looks good - over all i like the styling!

Hilary is personally one of my favorites of the night ! i love the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 collection and hoped to see alot of the bold looks hit the red carpet but i only got my wish from Hilary and she is rocking and rollin in this look - i love the clutch and the ankle boots are to die for!!
xoxo Nadia

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