onsdag den 11. maj 2011

All The Chanel Gals - At The Resort 2012 Presentation In Paris

Blake looks amazing in this Chanel look ! i love the sequins - and she is owning the look - i have no complains she looks dashing!

Rachel looks Amazing - i love this look from head to toe ! she is a glowing star - She looks super chic and i love it !

Alexa Chung - she always gives me mixed signals - i dont like this look or the flats! once agai the dress is wearing her - i mean - there is no presents what so ever ! i dont like it ...

Clemence looks stunning with her hair pulled back and natural makeup - she looks amazing and i like it alot !

Tang Wei - is looking beyond beautiful - this over all look is to die for ! I dont want to comment a lot on this - one word: Beautiful

Now this look was something that had me sitting on the edge of my chair ! the looks is Dashing - had she worn her hair in a tight pulled back ponytail with amazing 6inch heels this would be a Wow momen!
But the over all look is also beyond amazing - she is glowing and i love it!
xoxo Nadia

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