tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

All The Gals in Stella McCartney - Met Gala 2011

Anyone who reads my blog knows my love for Rihanna - and i always have so high expectation for her - she is my fashion muse and i love her fashion sense! on this occasion it is no exception she looks beyond gorgeous and she is rocking and rollin with a soft and romantic feel to the look and the hair is jsut perfect the ring and the earrings is just a perfect way to add alittle bit of colour besides her stunnin hair! i could go on and on but the is in my top 3 of my favorites of the night!
Eva - looks amazing her blue gown i love everything about this look - i mean look at her - she looks divine!! it is perfect!

Madonna surprised me big time at this event she looks good - i have never really been a fan but i gotta give it to her she looks good!

Kate looks beautiful - she looks very pregnant - but she is glowing she looks stunning ! i like this look alot it is super cute!

Maggie - was a lady to surprise me - this shinny gown is stunning on her and i love it ! she is a natruel with the make up and she doesnt over style the look - she is wearing the dress but still letting it shine!

Gwyneth gave it all last night she looks divine - i mean this is the best ive seen her in a while i love this look - it is simple with perfect  styling - she is another star at this event!
xoox Nadia

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