tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

All The Ladys in Oscar de la Renta - Met Gala 2011


Jessica alba is another one who looks good i am not head over heels with it - but she looks amazing - but then again she is Jessica Alba - she always look good this isnt something i havent seen before so i like it but dont love it!

Penelope Cruz - welll well well .... She looks good but it is one big Deja Vu! this looks like what she had on at the Globes ! i cant not like the look but it is a deja vu and therefore i cant love or hate it!
Serena - i mean ... this was sooo unexpected she looks good many says other wise but i love it - Philip Treacy head piece gorgeous i cant hate on this look ! she looks like a prinsesse !
xoxo Nadia

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