mandag den 16. maj 2011

Red Carpet Wishes - Fan Bing Bing & Diane Kruger - Cannes Film Festival 2011

These two gowns are one of my most favorite looks from the Spring Couture 2011 collection by Elie Saab - Rachel McAdams & Diane Kruger - would look Amazing and make me so happy if these get a moment - During cannes festival 2011!

These 3 looks are for Diane Kruger - i hope she wears more Jason Wu Fall - These looks she would be able to knock out of the park!

This was another Elie Saab Couture Fav! I hope to see Fan Bing Bing in this - she would own it - this is a perfect gown and needs a moment ASAP!

This is a stunnin Emilio Pucci gown - that i fell in love´with during Fashion week when it was presented it is stunning - i dont know who i owuld want to wear this but i hope whoever does - gives the gown all the justice it deserves!
xoxo Nadia

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