tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

Worst Dressed - At Met Gala 2011

I have choosen kristen as one of the worst dressed ! because i like the styling but i hate the fitting of the dress - if the styling wasn't on point the dress would be wearing her! i dont like this look - the dress doesnt sit right with me !

Saoirse - breathes No life into this Beautiful and Statement piece by Rodarte ! I mean the shoes are wrong . the hair is sloppy - she doesnt give me anything with this look - i dont like it and thats why she is another one who is worst dressed at this event!

Mia  in Thaakon - she looks good from waist up but the bottom i hate - i love this dress but i dont like it on her - the dress is wearing her and i dont like that ! AND the shoes for heaven sake what was she thinking - it is sooo bad with that touch!!!!¨
xoxo Nadia

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