torsdag den 30. juni 2011

The Braxton Sisters - BET Awards 2011

From left - Trina & Tamar - Middle Toni - From Right Traci & Towanda  
The five sisters all look beyond amazing - but i have to say my favorite is Tamar: her look is stunnin - i am in love with her dress i am not sure what designer she is wearing but she is rockin the life out of that sequins gold mini dress and i love it!! The over all look is just to die for! 
Toni: looks amazing i really like the silver belt - and i am in love with the shoes just amazing! Toni Looks fabulous there is no doubt it is a beautiful over all look!
Trina: went with a simple yet gorgeous tight white gown - that fits her beautifully - Trina looks really good i like this over all look alot!
Towanda: Went with a more bold look that i appreciate alot i just wish i could find a picture of her alone so i could get a real peak at the back of the dress and the sides so i could study the look a little closer but from what i can see she looks really good - and the shoes are perfect -  Towanda got her styling on point!
Traci: This is probably the best look i have ever seen from Tracey - i am loving everything about the dress and it suits her body perfectly and she got the styling on point! I really like this over all look !!
xoxo Nadia

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