fredag den 24. juni 2011

Katie Cassidy & Selena Gomez- Bec & Bridge & J. Mendel - Monte Carlo Screening

Katie loks super cute in her mini Bec & Bridge this is such a refreshing look and colourful i am just loving it ! The hair up is just a perfect touch to the over all look - this is a really good look for her and for the occasion! But i love the color of her shoes but they look really heavy and not in a good way!
xxoo Nadia 

Selena gave us a more mature look in her stunnin' J. Mendel Gown as much as i love it on her i wonder if it was a good choice for the occasion - i think it wouldve been better had she worn something more fun - that would've worked better for me i think! But i do love this look and the earrings are really cute!
xoxo Nadia

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