fredag den 24. juni 2011

Rosie Huntington Whiteley - Gucci & Michael Kors - Promoting “Tranformers: Dark of the Moon”

This look is just above and beyond i mean Rosie looks amazing this is just ridiculous how good she looks - not only am i in love with this Gucci dress but on her it just makes it all that much better! Rosie is having an amazing promoting season and i am enjoying it! Indeed! 

I also really adore her in this pink Michael Kors gown with a beautiful Leg-cut! she has a natural glow that i really like and this gown is just impeecable on her !

Rosie also wore this stunnin' Michael Kors gown with a beautiful leg-cut - i just love leg-cuts they usually look exstremly classy and gorgeous! Rosie is a gal who can pull it off - even though her look is so simple i find it very impressing and amazing!
xoxo Nadia

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