torsdag den 7. juli 2011

Review: Armani Privé Couture Fall 2011 - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

Now this is something completely different and i love it - Armani did something else with this haute couture fall collection - it is clear that he was inspired by Japan and i adore the prints and how this whole collection was put together besides the prints i love the head pieces once agian again - they are epic and unsual and im all about unsual - the head piece beneath is my favorite! 

I also noticed that there were alot of velvet and i usually dont like velvet because it almost always seem really heavy but this time im in love with it - not once did it seem heavy or too much - not that i really believe in too much when it comes to Couture but the point is that i started to love something i usually dont ! what i also love is how much black there is but yet so much color -and that is always a huge plus in my book doing something else and a little bit of everything! Giorgio Armani over did himself - stunning collection!
xoxo Nadia 

All the clutches were also really interesting and beautiful!

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