søndag den 10. juli 2011

StylistCoverage: Marquis Guthrie

This is a cover for BE Entertained Magazine - it is Marquis who has styled the look of the model - and she sure does look cute and little edgy! As strong and beautiful as the clothes and the hair are -  I wish the necklace had been alittle different maybe longer! Over all it is a good cover and i like it!

This is my favorite styling - the pants are cute and the yellow/green-ish top - it is very cute and it looks like she is wearing ankle boots just what i love and adore! The bracelet and the earrings goes perfect with the hair - this is a cute cute cute SideWalk Style! This is a stunning look!

This is  a really pretty setting i like the plants in  the back - and the print of the clothes goes really well with the models skin-tone and makes the over all look very pretty! I like the hair and i am in love with the earrings!

I really like this model - but the styling is very adoring and casual - i wish her hair wasn't braided just a straight high ponytail! This is a cute over all look but to make it stand out a little more accessories - but if it is just a walk in the park kinda look - it is perfect!

This is my second favorite look - i really like the clothes and love the ring - it is a good setting and i am i love with the hair! Once again im a accessories kinda girl and wish there was more but beside wish this is a pretty look!
xoxo Nadia

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