tirsdag den 27. september 2011

Kristen Bell - Alberta Ferratti - Same Look Twice!

Now Kristen pulled a Uma wearing a sidewalk look on the red carpet! I love kristen and when ii saw this look above for the first time i was sooo happy she looked sophisticated and stunning! She looked so chic with her sunglasses and the handbag it was just one of those looks - where you on the street keeping it "simple" but you know you look fabulous! I gave Uma hell for making the same look twice from sidewalk to redcarpet when it wasnt over the same day.. I Love Kristen so i hate not agreeing but i have to be honest she shouldnt have pulled the same look twice but she still look fabulous on the red carpet!
xoxo Nadia
BTW: i know this is old but i just saw that i never posted it, it - even though i had written everything about a month ago!

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