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Review: Project Runway Season 9 - Episode 5

In This challenge the designers were divided into four times of three. In the teams that had to make 3 outfits that would go with Heidi's sneakers and the winner look would be sold on Amazon!
Anthony Ryan was the team leader in this group - well they had a lot of problems with each other and that shows in the clothes! First Anthony his look was just horrific - i mean the girl had a cameltoe on the front and back! I like the fabric but the way it he made this look is just ugly.. i think he wanted to do a romper of some sort but failed big time! Bert I hate the styling of the hair but i am not hating this look - it is not a winners look for me but i like it! Laura i love her west but the rest of the look it is just boring and not to interessting!

Victor was the team leader in this group and they worked together very well! Since Cecilia left the compettition they could bring back someone who had already been on the show and they brought back Joshua C - which i was sad to hear but hey he did do something good.. i like the way the t-shirt is made and the pants are also very cute! Victors dress remind me of a Elie Saab dress just not the same fabric i really love this dress it is super cute! the jacket is stunning but i dont like it with the dress i have to say! Olivier i dont hate the look but it is not a look many girls/women would wear today it is just not modern enough!

This group had troubles as well - Joshua M was the team leader and of course my current favorite! I love Anyas look but i hate the pink/red with the grey in the middle going down the dress - it is not cute but i like the over all look! Becky the top was just so sloppy the skirt isnt bad but it is not interesting! Joshuas look i like it but im  not over the moon about it but it works the back of the look is what i like the most!

Bryce was the group leader - he sure did step up to the plate for once! He dress is stunning and goes very well with the shoes.. Danielle did a sloppy and bad made chiffon top but i am not hatting the skirt! Kimberlys model wore a stunning jacket but it was Danielle who made it - but the shorts i am just in love with! Over all they didnt have bad looks - but in the challenge it was the worst look whose designer who went home but the weakest designer! 
xoxo Nadia

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