fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Review: Alexander McQueen - Spring 2012 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen – now this is what I am talking about.. Sarah Burton shocked me the last collections she has created since Lee pasted she has blown me away collection after collection. This time she did not blow me away but she took my breath away – I love how the edgy-ish looks meets sophistication and chicness(I don’t know if that’s even a word)!

I LOVE the shoes they are just to die for and goes perfectly with the different looks – the headpieces or whatever I am suppose to call it are just true couture! I love everything about this collection and it is one of my favorites out of all the collections I have reviewed this Fashion Week Season! This collection is another collection that needs to be worn by everyone – it is truly that good.. The detailing of every look is just to die for – I love it all!
xoxo Nadia
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