tirsdag den 4. oktober 2011

Review: Balmain - Spring 2012 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Balmain – Edgy meets feminine  - this collection is fabulous and I love it! everything about this collection I just love.. I know many of my favorite gals will rock something from this collection! There were so many looks that were to die for and I just love the jackets and shoes were a perfect addition to all the looks! The colors and everything about them just went well together.. I love the gold and how it goes well with everything! Zoe Saldana will most likely wear something from this collection and knock it out of the park! I Love the middle look you can see in the picture below! Over all I love this whole collection and it is for sure a showstopper!
People I can see wearing this collection; Zoe Saldana, Anna Paquin, Leighton Meester, Beyonce and the list goes on and on!
xoxo Nadia

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