fredag den 28. oktober 2011

Review: Joshua McKinley - Spring 2012 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Joshua McKinley - Finally it has been the final of Projec Runway and i got to see my favorite of the season show a collection and it is mind blowing! I am still pissed he didnt win - he totally should've urgh!! Runner-up is good but im still mad at the judges! 

Anyways back to what is important the collection.. I love the colors it is bright and bold and i love that - i love the opening dress the purple one just stunner! He uses a very weird vintage print you can see in the second look above - at first when Tim Gun visited Joshua i wasnt loving it but seeing on the runway it really translated beautifully! 

This is a over all collection that is beautiful and i can totally see people wearing the purple dress, the pink pants + jacket, the two final gowns! I dont know what to say other than i love this collection and i hope and cant wait to see more from Joshua!
xoxo Nadia

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