tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Blake Lively - Versace for H&M - The Versace for H&M Launch

Blake Lively - everyone who reads this blog knows i love Blake always i have never said one bad thing about my girl and i never thought the day would come! 

The thing is everything here is so right yet somethings wrong! All the pieces are to die for and i dont even mind the tights but what i do mind is the fits of her dress! It hurts to write this but it looks like her boobs are about to explode - which is not good! Blake always - makes me proud and even though she looks AMAZING - the fit of the dress is a problem! Im going to stop now because i love Blake too much to say anything else and i hope and know this will never happen again! FYI; Her dress is a resort look from the Versace collection but the blazer is a H&M piece!
xoxo Nadia

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