onsdag den 16. november 2011

Host: Selena Gomez - Wardrobe - Europe Music Awards 2011

Selena Gomez was the host at the EMAs 2011 and i didn't mind that she changed 9 times during the show! This is probably my favorite look during the show - here she is wearing a Topshop Christmas look! What i really love besides the clothes is those stunning ankle boots - they are hard to see on the picture but they are fabulous!
Keep Going For All The Looks!

This look is a very interesting - i think it is a fun look and i dont mind it - im not impressed or loving it but she looks good sure!

This look i was kinda sad to see - it is a fun idea but i still dont like tights being used as pants - and this is a classic example why! Look at how it makes her boot look and the way it looks in the front - it is not flattering and i dont like it!

I love this Betsy Johnson dress on her  - she looks very cute and this is a cute look! The hair being up here is just perfect! The Pink heels are a perfect addition!

I love this Moschino dress and the dress on her - she looks very chic and i cant complain .. i love the heels and this is just a overall very cute look!

Here Selena is in Felder Felder - she opened the show in this gown - and she looks great .. i cant say anything bad!

This is also my favorite look - Here Selena is in The Blonds! I love this sequins jumpsuit - it is just perfect.. but had the back of the jumper been a inch lower it couldve gone all wrong! But i have to give it to her she looks amazing!

Selena Performed in this stunning purple look - i love it! im not sure if the boots are the best addition but they work here and i have to say i am very impressed by Selena during the show - all the looks are amazing (almost)!
xoxo Nadia

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