lørdag den 26. november 2011

My Amazingly Random Day; Elie Saab Le Parfume

Well this post is about my day as much as it is about the perfume! Well the other day i was on the bus with my school we were on our way to go to some museum .. when we stopped at a random bus-stop .. i was talking with my friends and i randomly look in front of me - and i was sitting in front of the door! I look out and i see this poster/ Add!

I litterally hit the girl next to me to let everyone know that the poster said Elie Saab! I had seen the poster on the internet but not in real life and i did not think for one second the poster would be in Denmark - i saw like 5 posters that day!! I then went into every store in town to find the perfume and they all said;"Everyone is asking for this perfume but we dont have it" ... you think i am pissed - yes i am indeed! I just needed to let y'all know this story! Everyone go get the perfume and tell me what you think??
Btw. Not only did i see 5 of these posters but i also got the new Iphone 4s that day .. i sure was a happy gal!
xoxo Nadia
I had to take a picture what can i do i am a Elie Saab addict! Sue Me ..

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