tirsdag den 22. november 2011

RoundUps: Katherine Heighl, Sarah Hyland, Christa B. Allen & Sara Ramirez - American Music Awards 2011

Katherine Heigl - my lovely gal - who i havent seen in tooo long! I love this Roberto Cavalli gown and she looks spectacular .. i mean look at her ,, it is stunning everything - i love those earrings and the back of that gown is just amazing! Ohh god - Katherine needs to hit the red carpet MORE! Glamourous and just what i love!
xoxo Nadia

Sarah Hyland, Christa B. Allen & Sara Ramirez - If you Continue!

Sarah Hyland - such a cute little girl - i love this Amen mini and it looks lovely on her! This is a cute and simple look - Overall i like this a lot!

Christa B. Allen - new rising star in my book ... ive never seen her on the red carpet where i have noticed her but thats probably because i just noticed her now since she is on my favorite new show "Revenge"! Bu this is a cute dress and a cute overall look! I've got to give credit to the gals who look good!

Sara Ramirez someone i never see on the red carpet and on this occasion she look fabulous - i love this form fitting gown adn i loooove the color!! Everything here is working perfectly and i cant complain!
xoxo Nadia

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