tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

Promoting: Kate Beckinsale - Jenny Packham, Christian Dior & Michael Kors - "Underworld: Awakening"

Kate Beckinsale my dear darling and upcoming favorite! i love her in this stunner of a Jenny Packham gown - simply to die for .. this is a head to toe perfection.. i love that she is promoting her new movie and i cant wait to see so much more!

Kate in my favorite collection (well one of them) - looking spectacular in Christian Dior.. i love the dress on her and the shoes too cute.. the hair upclose not to amazing but i will look past that! Overall i like it alot!
This stunning gorgeous bordeaux red Michael Kors dress and the heels a perfect color! the hair down is my fav she has amazing and beautiful hair! Overall this is impeccable!
xoxo Nadia

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