torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Diane Kruger in Giambattista Valli, Chanel, Versace - During Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Diane Kruger my sweet sweet favorite gal in Giambattista Valli during his show at Haute Couture Fashion Week. She is looking so cute and effortless in this look - i really adore the fur and i am not a fur fan but when it is done right it just is right! Overall Diane looks amazing! (And I have to apologize for being so late with these Diane looks but have been busy and she has been going around like crazy with one look after the other and i got lost but here i am with every single look)!
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Diane in Chanel looking really cute - there isn't much styling here but i don't mind we need a toned down look every now and then. Overall i like it!

Again Diane in Chanel yet another look where there isn't much styling but i like that it is effortless with nothing really added but who cares Diane can pull it off!
Diane in Versace now this is one of my favortie looks from her during Fashion Week - i love the dress and the added belt. Also the heels are killa - simply to die for! Everything in this look is spot on and i love love love it!
Another stunning Versace look and i am head over heels with this dress and Diane wears it perfectly. The tight knot is a perfect touch and i can't say anything bad but then again i never can because Diane is that good!

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