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Review: Elie Saab Couture Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture.. There is one thing i get excited about during Haute Couture Fashion which is when Elie Saab lets his models hit the runway - there is nothing like the feeling of watching Elie Saab's amazing designs! Also Elie Saab does this thing where he kinda splits his collection up with different colors - in this collection we have 7 different colors/ compinations.. I am just going to take it from the top in order to really express how much i love and adore this collection!

White: When i was looking through the collection i first saw the white looks and i thought maybe this was another all white collections like his Fall Couture 2009 but then i kept looking and it wasnt but thats fine... what i really love is the ease of what looks like a ball gown but still not really because it looks so easy but its something a lot of designers are doing and i am not complaning! I am a sucker for ball gowns - i just really adore the volume.. The detailing is just flawless i am stunned! I hope hope hope to see one of my favorite ladies wearing it - it would be a dream if Diane, Zoe, Olivia or Amber wore the white ball gown ish thing!
Blue: The blue part is usually my favorite since i am a true and loyal sucker for blue - and on this occasion i love it of course i love it all! But the dress with the cute bottom i love it and i hope someone amazing wears it! I cant explain how much i hope and pray each and every look is worn by one of my people! Im blown away once again!
Yellow: This part is oh good god i dont even know where to start it is all so freaking amazing and stunning adn the more i study the looks the more i love it and the more i want to see it on the red carpet so lets hope that tonight at the Grammy Awards my dreams will come true or at the Oscars! Overall i love all the yellow looks but not that i dont love all the looks in this collection because i do!
Pink: I love love love love the pink i am not a pink kinda gal but i would totally rock Elie Saab Pink because this is a stunner or should i say stunners anyways i adore the detailing it is to die for and i can see so many ladies knock it of the park in one of these stunners!
I am going to stop here all the looks are all the things ive already said and i cannot wait for all the looks to be worn i know for a fact that i will get a magical moment soon - i can feel it!
People i see wearing this collection; Fan Bing Bing, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone etc.
xoxo Nadia

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