tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Review: Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

Giambattista Valli has truly overdone himself once again! i am above and beyond over this stunning collection.. the colors and prints are to die for! the different looks are impeccable and i am speechless! what i love the most is the gowns where they gowns become huge below the cheast it is really amazing! i have seen it in a few collections and i am beyond impressed! Overall i love it all and i cant wait to see all of the looks have a moment! I can see everyone wear this collection and i crossing my fingers that Zoe Saldana or Diane Kruger will have a moment in one of these amazing looks! I do think that the third look below would be beyond amazing on Diane! Zoe would rock the life out of the pink chiffon gown on the picture below!
xoxo Nadia

This is the pink chiffon gown Zoe would look good in!

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