mandag den 13. februar 2012

Review: Rachel Zoe - Fall 2012 Collection - New York Fashion Week

 Rachel Zoe has always been my favorite stylist and if she keeps making collections like this one i swear she will become one of my favorites designers! Rachel is so RTW i mean look at these pieces i want to have each and every piece in my closet and it is all so chic, cute and with the right amount of sexy/sasy! I love the Rachel Zoe gal - this is what every "normal" gal should wanna look like! Rachel Zoe has an amazing eye for what amazing and simply to die for! I've always said if i could have any celeb closet it would be Rachel Zoe seriously it doesn't get any better than that!
Favorites: The Jacket in the 3 photoset, the blue jumper + the red look next to it, and the first look above! but then again all these looks are my favorites..
I am not sure who will be wearing this collection but what i do hope is that everyone will wear it because any chic and amazing gal of mine would look to die for in this collection!
xoxo Nadia

Btw don't Rachel look so adorable!

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