mandag den 26. marts 2012

Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell & Lucy Hale - The 2012 ABC Family Upfront

Troian Bellisario in Tibi at the 2012 ABC Family Upfront
 Troian Bellisario is a lady i love but never really see her out and about so i am happy to write about her now. She looks amazing and i love love love her earrings the color to die for. Overall she is a knockout!
Shay Mitchell in Lela Rose at the 2012 ABC Family Upfront
 Shay looks stunning, i love her sweet Lela Rose dress and her overall look is just so chic.
Lucy Hale in Rebecca Minkoff at the 2012 ABC Family Upfront
Lucy Hale looking fab in blue BUT i never understood those pants being too long not cute never have been and never will be point-blank-period! She looks good ill give her that but had those pants been inches shorter she had looked perfect!
xoxo Nadia

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