mandag den 19. september 2011

Nina Dobrev - Donna Karan - Emmy Awards 2011

Normally i dont post the Best Dressed Of the Night first but since i was going to do the Emmy Awards reviews tomorrow i just couldnt wait!! Nina was the Knockout of the night and she made me proud not only did Vampire Diaries return last friday but as a bonus Nina gives me this look! This is the best look ive ever seen from Nina and i will be remembering this look at the end of the year when i am doing reviews! This is something else just to die for !! Note to Nina: You have to give me more looks like this because you will make my year with looks like this! With looks like this Nina will become one of my Elite- Gals and skip right from Rookie to Elite!! I am blown away no doubt!
xoxo Nadia
My Favorite off screen couple - i love Ian Somerhalder he looks amazing and with nina on his arm just soo adorable!! you just gotta love this sight! 

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