mandag den 12. september 2011

Trend/SideWalk: Sarah Jessica Parker - Different Looks

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel - rocking some serious stuff ! i love this look and i love how she does it,.. someone who knows how to style their looks now that is Sarah - she does it right and does it well!

Another Chanel look from Sarah - i really like this look i normally dont approve of white heels and especially if they are pointing! But on this occasion Sarah looks fab and i love it! Another gorgeous look..

Another Chanel look - i love this jacket on her it is beyond cute and she wears it well! i am loving the hair and the over all look!

i know this isnt a sidewalk look but i had so many looks of Sarah that i wanted to post so i just did one ! Anyway i love this Prabal Gurung dress and Sarah did good witht his look! - this is a dashing look!

I've hoped and prayed this look would get a moment runway version and thank god Sarah did it! I love everything about this look - she looks beautiful - i love how she didnt really add anything or do much but just let the gown shine!

I really like this look - this antonio Berardi look! Sarah is lookin cute and chic - also very sophisticated.. i just gotta love it! 
xoxo Nadia

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