fredag den 28. oktober 2011

Review: Stella McCartney - Spring 2012 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Stella McCartney did it once again! It is no secret that i have lots and lots of love for Stella she is one of my favorite designers! This collection she gave us something different and kinda unexpected.. i love the different cuts they are very different and thats probably why i love it! This collection is just stunning and made just beautifully! This is an impeecable collection - the colors are to die for and this is a collection that many gals can and will wear! 
btw: i know this is a late upload but just saw i hadn't posten it for some odd reason!
People i see wearing this collection; Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, Emma Roberts, Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker etc.  
xoxo Nadia

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