fredag den 30. december 2011

BestOfTheYear2011: Blake Lively - Most Exciting Actress of the Year 2011

Blake Lively is something else! i am a huge Blake fan - on the red carpet she always impresses me and surprises me! She is one of the people i have blogged about the most .. there is just so many looks to look back at and i love looking back.. i will Never forget these nine looks .. first her Carven look (2ad below) just an amazing look... and then there is 3 Marchesa looks here - the last two looks below and the last look above.. I wont forget when i saw those looks for the first time just blew my mind! Also her in Chanel at the Met Gala - i died just a little bit of excitement! Overall Blake has worn every big shoot designer there is - Gucci, Elie Saab, Marchesa, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and the list goes on and on! I love and adore Blake - i cant wait for 2012 to come with so many more looks!
xoxo Nadia

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