fredag den 30. december 2011

BestOfTheYear2011: Olivia Wilde - Miss Most Consistent of the Year 2011

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 Olivia Wilde Miss Most Consistent! I have loved Olivia all year - her red carpet looks have been amazing and so impressing! If you read my blog you know that i have mad love for Olivia and i never hate what she wears.. I will never forget her in the Gucci Jumpsuit (below 4th look) .. also i wont forget her in the Gucci gown the 4th look above just amazing .. Last but not least her J. Mendel gown with the pink heels just to die for (1st look below).. Overall every look is impressive and i love all these looks! 2012 will hopefully be another mindblowing amazing year!
xoxo Nadia

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