fredag den 30. december 2011

BestOfTheYear2011: Zoe Saldana - Queen Most Consistent of the Year

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Zoe Saldana has blown me away all year! She has worn every designer i love and she has impressed me in everything from Gucci, Antonio Berardi to Elie Saab! Its been an amazing year for Zoe on the Red Carpet and i cant wait to see so much more from her during Awards Season and in general i cant wait for another amazing year with Zoe Saldana! She is one of my favorite people on the Red Carpet she never lets me down and thats why she gets this Title Queen Most Consistent which she shares with another lovely lady - which i will reveal later! Bottom Line i love Zoe and im so proud to give her this title! This is one of the most important titles i give out and Zoe deserves it!
xoxo Nadia

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