torsdag den 29. december 2011

BestOfTheYear2011: Katy Perry - Miss Fun meets Fashion of the Year 2011

Katy Perry - this is probably one of the biggest titles i could give! Fashion is important to me but it shouldnt always be glamourous and sophisticated dont get me wrong i love that .. but Katy makes fashion fun - she does it all above we see some of katys fun looks over the year .. i love how she wore the Christian Dior HeadPiece i died when i saw that .. some say it looks ridiculous but i loveed it!! also her Betsy Johnson tull dress i loved it and lets not forget her Smurfette dress just amazing! But not only do we get to see Katy have fun with fashion we get the Glamourous, cute, sophisticated side as well - which we can see below! I love her  Versace and her purple Georges Hobeika dress (second look below)! Overall Katy has made my year!
xoxo Nadia

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