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Day 1; In Paris - 11/3-2012 Dimarche/Sunday


This was my Nice & Good Starbucks Iceblend at the CPH Airport.
BTW; this was all writting while i was in Paris. 
Hello Darlings!
I know i haven't been posting for a while and i am still missing all the good collections from Paris and Milan Fashion Week - and most importantly The Elie Saab Fall 2012 Collection. The reason is i arrived in Paris late yesterday, and since i  have to do a diary of each day here i thought i should do one for my blog!
Well we are 9 girls in my french class at school and we all met up to go together to the Copenhagen Airport, everyone were beyond excited and it was all kinda surreal.
On the Plane it was seriously too funny, my partner in crime who was sitting next to me almost broke my hand from being so nervous of the plane setting.
Besides that the air plane ride was pretty amazing (i dont travel much..).
When we landed in Paris we all almost died of excitment (well at least i did)...
We got on a bus first and it was about an one hour ride so annoying but fun to see how Paris looked.
First it was kinda average i dont know just not what i thought but i loved it anyway.
When we got to the hotel we were normally told we were going to sleep two and two and one room with 3 but nope it didnt go that way. We got to be 3 and 3 in one room. But it is okay i am in a good room, but it is beyond small for 3 girls... When we got settled into the room we left to check out our area and went to eat some food - we didnt feel like finding some good food so we went for the amazing McDonalds. Other than that we didnt do much - it was interessting! I LOVE Paris so far.
xoxo Nadia
Opéra National de Paris - We live near the Opera and this was kinda the first major thing we saw when we arrived! It is really pretty i was so facinated, but then again everything in Paris amazes me!
(FYI the pictures are taking on my iphone all the good ones are on the other cameras)

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