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Day 2; In Paris - 12/3-2012 Lundi/Monday

BTW; This was all written while i was in Paris. 
Hello Darlings. I have to start by saying this was the BEST Day in Paris.
It is day 2 in Paris and after a complete day in Paris i just dont want to ever go back home! Today was so epic and beyond amazing, let me take it from the beginning because SO much happened today and i can't even believe it did! First we woke up and ate some breakfast and headed off to the international french course class or whatever i am suppose to call it. I am not going to get into that because that is not the interessting part other than it was ... something i cant really define. Well at 2 pm we had to meet with our teacher in front of the hotel and head off to the city which means we started with La Defense. Every location we go to someone has to do a presentation, i had to talk about La Defense in french no fun! Well we got off the metro and i saw the L'arche and i was blown away the whole district is breathtaking, i have never really seen anything like this and it is beyond huge! We stayed for like 20 min. i think took pictures of everything (litterally) and then we got back on the metro which i hate! We went to see L'arc de la Triomphe - oh good what a stunning i was stunned once again and so happy to be in paris!
It is so much more in person just saying!
Then we litterally walked ALL the WAY DOWN champs lysees
- i cant feel my feet but it is okay. I was so inspired and on the look out for all the designer store but most important ELIE SAAB! That was my #1 mission in Paris to find it and die.. Well we walked all the way down to Place de la Concorde and it was again stunning and we continued walking down to see Le Louvre and again i was lost for words! Paris is to die for. When we finished looking and hearing about Louvre we went back to champs elysees to find the one and only store Elie Saab and guess what we found it and i almost fainted on the spot and people looked at me like was crazy for kinda screaming etc.
Going into the store for the first time was undescrible i am still lost for words, if you read my blog you know about my love for Elie Saab and his clothes.. I will post the pictures later on. Also in bought the parfume but only the smallest because didnt want to spend all my money on perfume but my 50 euro were well spend and i dont regret a thing!!!!! After we went shopping and watched everything go down in Paris and then dinner.. and now i am in my hotel room relaxing.
xoxo Nadia
This is what we saw today;
La Défense:


L’Arc de la Triomphe

Place de la Concorde

Le Louvre

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