søndag den 18. marts 2012

Day 3; in Paris - 13/3-2012 Mardi/Tuesday

Hello Darlings. Second BEST DAY IN PARIS!
Today was yet another amazing day, we went to school again and it is starting to get really good. But the school isnt the fun part so i will just skip it, around 2 o'clock we hopped on the metro to see Notre Dame and the whole area was stunning but then again everything in Paris is breathtaking. Anyways i had to do a presentation of Notre Dame and i did not so good because i didnt spend much time on it. Afterwards we took a million pictures and we had to walk from Notre Dame all the way to see Le Musee D'Orsay and it was also really pretty but thankfully we didnt have to go in because the line was 3 hours long so our teacher just told us we could go do whatever and we did! All the girls and i wanted to do some shopping so we hopped on the Metro and went to Les Halles which has a huge shopping center and when i say huge i mean it huge! We went and i bought some things and so did the other girls. We didnt go together all 9 girls but we meet up when we were done. I had a blast, i shopped and there was many cute guys. So overall that was AMAAZING! We went to get something small to eat so we had a crepes aka panecakes - also in paris they are soo good. 

We all agreed it was time to go see the Eiffel Tower but we wanted to see it at night so me and some of the girls went back to the hotel for some warmer clothes because we figured it would be cold being up in the Eiffel Tower. 
Around 8:30 i think we left the hotel and when we arrived at the eiffel tower i almost lost it. The whole atmosfare was so amazing that i cant even find the right words to describe it. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night it almost looked gold and then lights came on and it was even more beautiful. Most of the girls tho didnt want to stand in line so me and two of my girls did and we stood there for 1 hour and before we knew it we were looking over Paris in a whole other way and it was incrediable!
We got down again around 11 i think so we were dying of hunger - we went back to where we lived and looked for a restaurant at almost midnight - we got some good pizza and went back to the hotel room and were up for another 2 hours and slept at around 2-2:30. This was another amazing day that i will never forget!
xoxo Nadia

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