fredag den 23. marts 2012

Promoting: Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace, Bill Bass & Elie Saab - "The Hunger Games" Premieres

Elizabeth Banks came out of no where and shocked me with each look for her Hunger Games promoting tour! I love her in this stunning Aterlier Versace Couture - i said in my review i loved the orange looks and this is no exception - she looks spot on.
Another drop dead gorgeous look Elizabeth in Bill Bass - what a knockout, seriously you gotta love this yellow sequins gown because i am dying here. She looks beyond fantastic. This is a look that leaves me spechless.
Now Elizabeth has shocked me in Versace Couture & Bill Bass and to really end this right she wears a stunning Elie Saab Gown making my day. I love this orange on her - she looks above and beyond and i promise i will remember this look at the end of the year. I cant even pick a favorite look of the three because Banks really shocked me with each look!
xoxo Nadia

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