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BestOfTheYear2011: Top 10 Best Looks of the Year

Well this is my top 10 Best looks of the year .. this was without a doubt the hardest top 10 to make! I have seen so many looks over the year and i've loved so many but i had to pick 10 looks that were the best of them all! So i had all these looks i wanted to show one more time so i devided them into different Top 10s but every look i have posted as a part of any of the other top 10s are the  Best Looks of the year .. 

Bar is my #1 because she really blew my mind during Cannes film Festival! Amy Adams had so many amazing looks this year but her blue L'wreen Scoot just to die for! 
Diane Kruger i couldnt pick one look that was the best but i picked her in Vionnet and i love it! 
Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Simple sophistication just what i love! 
Cate deserves a special shoutout because she wore my Givenchy Couture gown after so many ruined it and made me give up on the collection being a success on the redcarpet but Cate gave me that back with this amazing look! 
Nina Dobrev came out of no where and impressed me on another level did not see that one coming but she deserves a spot in this top 10! 
Rachel McAdams just beautiful no other words! 
Angelina Jolie that Versace just to die for! 
Kate another knockout i did not see coming! 
Last but not least Anne Hathaway i loved her in that armani gown and the back is just above and beyond! Overall i love them all and this has been an amazing year in Fashion and the Red Carpet looks im speechless!
xoxo Nadia

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